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A reading is a communication to you as a Spiritual being about where you are on your path. As a clairvoyant, I have the psychic ability to see clearly (images, colors, energy, auras, beings, symbols), also receive information through clairaudience (ability to hear beings) and claircognizance (knowingness). 

As Spiritual beings, we hold information in our system as energy. Energy can come and show up in many forms, some might be helpful and supportive, but some might cause confusion and overwhelm. An energy reading helps you clarify and provide insight into what is really going on, and it will also include past lives and how you reference them in your current life. 

When your Spirit becomes more aware and clearer, not only you start your inner healing process, but you also validate your growth, your unique journey and wisdom. 

You may ask a specific question about anything or many questions might come during the reading. All readings are followed by an energy healing to help you integrate the information and communication you receive. 

Length: One hour (online or in-person) or 30 minutes (online only). 

Appointment scheduled is in Pacific Time Zone. 

* Please note that readings are for your entertainment purpose only, and should not be used as authority to make major informed life decisions. Everyone has free will and choices in life, various outside factors can occur in time and there are many possibilities and untapped potentials. 

*All healings and counseling are for spiritual benefit. They are not intended to replace or be a substitute for medical or any other physical, emotional, or mental treatment. 

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